Passing Period

Passing Period Podcast


Creating a Shared Vision

Creating a shared vision around the culture and climate in a school is not an easy task.  Making it come to life can be even harder.  Every person in the building make up its culture, by nature, so it makes sense to try and get all voices involved in forming it!  Once the culture is established it’s imperative that professional development is provided to every adult who comes in contact with youth in the building in order to maintain it.  Easier said than done right… Or is it?

2016 National PBIS Leadership Forum

Over 2,500 participants were in attendance at this year’s 2016 National PBIS Leadership Forum. This episode we take you up close and personal into the halls of the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center to hear what participants and presenters got out of this always impactful experience. 

Creating a Culture of Dat

Too often in schools our teams of educational professionals use subjectivity as a means to make decisions about which supports (if any) we will offer to youth who are struggling with problem behaviors. Using data to make decisions about which youth to support, which supports to offer, and if our supports are being done with fidelity takes all of the guesswork, subjectivity, and emotionality out of the decision making process. Using data is the most effective way to make decisions, and the PBIS framework is already set up to help do this effectively.

A Closer Look at Acknowledgments

Who doesn’t love a good party?!  However, there is more to changing behavior than throwing parties and distributing tickets.  Within the PBIS framework, acknowledgments do have a specific, important, and purposeful place.  When done correctly, acknowledgments are not only fun, but are one critical feature to helping transform the culture and climate of a school.

Expect Expectations

People of all ages feel better when they know what to expect.  Students, teachers, administrators, parents, family members, community members, etc., all want to know what is expected when they walk through the doors of a school building.  Creating clearly defined expectations allow a common language to exist and helps to ensure comfort and security of those entering the building.  Expectations are one of the preliminary and critical components for improving the culture and climate of a school building/district.

Policies and Mandates

Shifting disciplinary practices can seem overwhelming. With districts across America continuing to face significant changes to policies and practices (like SB100 in Illinois), schools may feel pressure to adopt or change initiatives quickly. Sustainable change is more likely to occur if interventions and practices are integrated and embedded into a systemic framework of support.  PBIS offers a framework that can help in the alignment of initiatives throughout a school.  Do your stakeholders know that the critical features of PBIS can help meet the goals of SB100 and similar mandates?  Listen to learn more.

What is PBIS?

What exactly is Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS)? Gain a better understanding of PBIS, hear from district and building level coaches on what PBIS is, what it has meant to staff that are implementing, and how it has made an overall impact on their school(s). It can be beneficial to have confidence describing what PBIS is to key stakeholders in a quick elevator speech. Can you? Listen to this episode for ideas.