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Our schools can’t change

unless we do

Until 100% of students say “I feel safe and I belong in my school,” we still have work to do. We have an obligation to our youth to create safe, supportive, and equitable environments so they can thrive academically and socially/emotionally. Adults are comfortable talking about how kids should change, but the real work is about us creating the circumstances and conditions in which they can. It’s time to get uncomfortable. Now is the time to transform the way we engage together in schools.
To do this well, it takes:

e.g. data-driven decision-making frameworks to support evidence-based practices
eg: how we engage, communicate, create trust, and strengthen community
taking care of students' hearts in order to teach students' minds

Supporting you to stay

Uniquely Ali.

Ali is a charismatic, inspiring, and engaging leader.  As a national keynote speaker, her energy, humor, and candor connect with audiences and allow them to truly hear her message.  Her authenticity and down-to-earth approach about what’s happening in schools provide validation to educators, opening them to the possibility of change.

As a national trainer and coach, Ali shows up with unconditional love and honesty, helping leaders/teams/staff to not only identify specific challenges hindering them, but also to provide the tools to effectively overcome those challenges.

Her unique style and approach make her a sought-after leader in educational spaces and a dynamic catalyst for change.

“My goal is to inspire educators to want to make schools better, and empower them to know they can.” – Ali Hearn

What does support look like for you?

Explore ways to engage with Ali.

Ignite Events

Ignite Events

When powerful messages need to be received, Ali delivers. Her energy, humor, and passion infuse hope and inspiration into audiences of 20 or 2,000!

Leadership Team Development

Leadership Team Development

Ali creates brave spaces for leadership teams to strengthen trust, clarity, communication and connection.  Those experiences help build their skill sets while providing tools to build the capacity of those they serve.

Skill Development

Skill Development

As a trainer, Ali takes complex ideas and makes them digestible and actionable.  Participants leave these experiences feeling more confident, competent, inspired and ready to make a difference.

Real Talk Audits

Real Talk Audits

Through Listening Circles, Ali helps organizations gain deep insight into their strengths and needs, while establishing trust and relationships along the way.

Coaching & Consulting

Coaching & Consulting

Her knowledge of systems change and her caring intuition allow Ali to partner with teams through the process of identifying problems and creating solutions.

Graphic Recording

Graphic Recording

Ali’s love of art helps amplify critical messages through sketch notes or graphic recordings, allowing clients to stay focused on what’s important long after an event is over.

“Ali Hearn provided exceptional social-emotional programming support to our staff/students over several years.  Besides possessing extensive knowledge, she is gifted in communicating and connecting with everyone with whom she works.  Ali is a highly skilled instructor/presenter, and she is passionate and effective in providing support that makes a difference.” 

Bob P.- Retired Superintendent, IL

“In addition to being engaging and relatable, Ali has an authentic heart for educators as caretakers and protectors. She is committed to the importance of strengthening our social and emotional competencies so that we can better serve our students and support one another.” 

Julia H.- District Education Association President, IL

“Meeting Ali and learning from her impacted my life professionally and personally.  I was encouraged by Ali and my team to make a bold change in my life.  Since then, I have felt more confident and free than ever before!  She “gets” kids and adults and has the passion and positivity to impact all!  I will forever be changed and grateful for the growth and learning I have experienced thanks to knowing Ali!”

Amy B.- Systems Coach, IA

“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.”

Maya Angelou


Let’s do better. Together.